Real Estate Website Design and Services

First some important facts:
A. Most web design companies are run by people not familiar with the Real Estate Industry. Let us use our 14 years of experience and in-depth Background of the Real Estate Industry, to give you a competitive advantage.

B. If you market yourself online aggressively, you definitely will have the edge over other agents and companies. This really comes into play in a listing presentation. Feel free to contact us for a no-hassle discussion about how all this works.

C. 90% of all agent websites cannot be found. The only reason to have a website is to get you BUSINESS

About Design.

See our Portfolio for Examples

However, if you don't find something you like:

A. Basically, whatever design you want we can do. If there is a site that you like the layout of-send us the URL.

B. We can do slideshows (preferably in java and CSS, not Flash.

C. We Can add IDX listings to your website-For an example see or
For more information Contact us

See our Portfolio page to see examples of some of our sites

What a website should accomplish.

A. A website functions as your Online sales presentation. As such it needs to jump out and pull people into the site.
B. Your site must quickly establish, that you are the area expert!

Defining your Website Niche.

The first thing to ask yourself is what you want your website to accomplish.

If it's to get buyers--what type of buyers?

Buyers for luxury homes, new homes. Is there something specific including geographical areas, that you specialize in?

I'm just trying to get the thought process going here. Another way to look at it if you had all the buyers that fit your goals in a room, what would you say to them?
What would be your sales presentation?
What are your competitive advantages?
Why should they deal with you?

How we work

We function the same as an Advertising Agency. That is, we handle accounts. Each account or customer will be put on a monthly schedule and a timeline for all of our services.
Like an AD agency, our goal is to have your account for the long term.

We accomplish this by achieving your marketing goals and clearly putting you ahead of the competition whose whole idea of marketing is running another magazine ad.