IDX Real Estate Websites


We recommend and implement for Real Estate Agent Websites with IDX.

Add IDX listings/Results pages and more to your website today.

Turn a 10-page website into a 1,000 page IDX powerhouse simply by adding a few links.

Lead Capture

Encourage your site visitors to sign up for property email updates, managed all by the IDX Broker system. Every day IDX Broker will query your MLS and add new listings to your website, or update your contacts with new properties that match their search criteria. Supercharge your MLS membership with IDX from IDX Broker!

Why do we recommend IDX?

It provides your customers with comprehensive search categories consisting of basic, advanced, map, address, and listing ID that provide potential home buyers with the most highly customizable and personalized real estate search on the web.

The advanced search option, being the most well rounded, enables home seekers to search literally every aspect and detail of a home, including the number of rooms, flooring, scenery, roof type, pool, school district, appliances, landscaping, heating/ cooling system, driveway, exterior, view and even the option to pinpoint a chosen property on an interactive Google Map, aiding to narrow their search results, in efforts to find their ideal home.

Consumers then have the opportunity to save their specified search criteria and receiving email updates from the CPMLS, the moment a property matching their specifications arrives on the market.

Not only is this custom IDX solution beneficial to potential home buyers, but to You as well.


Via an administrative login dashboard, we have the ability to edit custom CSS and global wrappers, developing a sense of personalization and unique branding throughout each page of your site.

Through your Control Panel, you will have access to traffic reports, detailing which pages and listings on your site are most popular and are being viewed most frequently.

We also have to resources to create dynamic title tags and custom XML and RSS codes, aiding to increase the visibility of your listing.

In addition, IDX BROKER provides us with the XML listing HTTP so we can add your listings to Trulia and Zillow-so they will automatically update themselves.

Last but not Least for SEO IDX broker is great. It adds literally hundreds of pages to a site. In all cases, I have seen the sites with IDX move quicker toward the top pages of Google.

Some Examples of IDX Setup See


PS FLEX also has an IDX upgrade program which can be used very effectively to add listings to a website via a Control Panel. Flex typically charges $120.00 a year for the IDX upgrade and $60.00 a year for the mobile upgrade.