Affordable Real Estate Property Websites.

Your First Property Website runs $75.00 ( Due to set-up and adding local info to help get listed in Google) All your Property Websites after that run just $50.00

Real Estate Single Property Websites

A few years ago, when homes sold just because they were for sale, there was little need to worry about marketing a home.

"Sellers are always looking for agents who think outside the box". They know the market is slow, and they embrace technology and the idea of doing something different, since doing the same old thing doesn't always work anymore."

"The bottom line is that it's about casting a wider net. Agents that can find those methods are going to be successful,"

NEW: If you don't have a Virtual Tour for your property we will do a slideshow presentation of the home at No Extra Charge for our SEO customers.

Want an Incredible advantage over the competition?
Think about having an individual Web site for your Top Listings.

Features and benefits of Individual property websites

OUR Property Websites are FULLY RESPONSIVE. They will open up in any device (smartphones, etc) and show properly.

Win More Listings:
Impress your sellers with showcase property Web sites that are 100% dedicated to their property. Their listing will be available to a worldwide audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is NO competition with other listings to distract the buyer.
In addition, Neighbors that see a sign rider on your listing will immediately know that you are doing something different. This definitely puts you ahead of the competition in all your farming efforts.

Attract Buyers:
1. When prospective buyers drive to buy, they only need to remember the street address, then log onto the web, and type it in. (Lots of buyers, will drive by and like the home but don’t want to call and get involved. They just want more information. A property website lets them easily and privately look at the home.
2. Buyers get to see who you are and have access to your website and/or e-mail. (An individual home website is a live sales presentation…much better than just a listing sheet)
3. Individual home websites allow you to feature photos, virtual tours, Google maps and UNLIMITED text for property descriptions. Individual property websites are the richest source of information about a single property – exactly what buyers are looking for.

Your Competitive Advantage:
In any market, it’s important to emphasize your competitive advantages to add value to your sellers.
An Individual property website clearly demonstrates that you are marketing their property in the place where the most potential buyers are looking. Individual property websites position you as a tech-savvy professional and make it easy to justify your commission.
PS-homeowners will proudly tell their friends to look at their home website which can definitely bring you referral business.

A Property website is both inexpensive and easy to promote and advertise.
Use your home site address in all print advertising in place of expensive, descriptive copy (A Classified Ad Example: Run this in newspapers up north)
Incredible Florida Keys Waterfront Home for sale.

Increases Your Brand Awareness:
Each website comes with your company brand identity which can help increase your brand awareness. The more Listing Domains you have the better!

Up and Online in 24 hours!:
The order process is quick and simple. The website is available online within 24 hours.

Just $75.00 (includes domain, short slide show, Google map, local info about your area on the site, hosting for One Year. I can design the header to be whatever you want. I get the pictures and information from the MLS or you can email me pictures and different copy to use. If you have a virtual tour, just get me the link so I can add it in. URL sign riders for the bottom of your For Sale signs, Run from $15.00 to $20.00
Dennis Handa

Sally is in the top 10% of Top Producers in the Florida Keys. Closed sales 2016 Over 25 Million!!

The property websites that you have created for me have been an invaluable marketing tool. The URLs make it easy to embed the entire website into all of my e-marketing, eliminating the need to have burdensome large photographic files in the e flyers. I also have sign riders with the URLs on all my properties that have websites. This is a great tool, not only so that buyers can easily get all of the information they want quickly from their mobile devices but sellers also see these websites on my signs. As a result, they too want to list with me so that their home can be part of such a comprehensive marketing plan that includes the individual website designs. You are a master at your craft, Dennis! Thanks for taking care of my Internet marketing needs!

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