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Broker Responsive Websites

Our Broker Websites offer you the Important Features and Benefits to not only attract more customers but help you recruit agents and free up valuable phone time for your Property Management Department(s)

Broker sites average 40 to 50 pages (this includes an average of 15 agents with separate pages showing Bios-their listings and a contact form)

Site Content Overview

Our Agents Section
Names, pictures and contact information on a general page. Clicking on an agents picture takes you to a specific agent page, that includes a Picture-A Bio-plus Their current listings and a form below those for customer submission to get more information.

Additional Pages
1. About Us and/or My services page.
2. Contact us/me (We utilize a short form to build your e-mail lists).
3. Property Searches both General and Company Listings (The searches and the listings show up on the site pages and are not an outside link)
4. Recruiting page-Text content and form (Features and benefits of joining your firm)
Property Management Division
5. A searchable Google Map (this shows inside your site)
6. Investors Section (A tab drop down page with 3 to 4 Real estate investment subjects covered-Example 1031-Short sales-etc)
7, Buyers Section (A tab drop down page with 3 to 4 Real estate Buyer subjects covered-Example inspections-Homestead exemption-etc)
8, Sellers Section (A tab drop down page with 3 to 4 Real estate Seller subjects covered-Example Pricing the home to sell-Home staging-etc)
9. Online CMA ( This page includes Text and an easy to fill out form--another way to build your e-mail list)
10. Partner Links (Links to non-competing agents or business partners--the goal is to increase Google Page rank and help site position)
11. Community Links (Links to local Government and community parks etc)
12. Sitemap (Large sites need sitemaps to help customer site navigation)
13. Area Information (This will be a general info page about the city and/or county you are working in)
14. Free Reports Form (This adds a database Email program to your site---#this can only be added if we host the site)
Area Specific Information (see below--these are all popular search terms, people use when investigating an area to relocate to)
15. Arts and Culture
16. Cost of Living
17. Employment
18. Health and medical
19. Recreation
20. Weather
Property Management Section
21. Available Rentals
22. Maintenance Request (Includes text and a form outlining the problem)
23. Online application (typically a PDF form for download and faxing)
24. Pages for Owners (company promotion and why owners should have you manage their property-includes form)
25. Owner FAQ's
26. Renters FAQ's page (outlines rental qualifications-any legal concerns etc)
27. make an Online Payment (if applicable)
28. Site Map
29.Community Links (Code enforcement-county and city departments)
30. Affiliate Links (Non competing companies and or vendors)

A 30-page site as described above would run $1095.00
This includes 1-year hosting. Value $100.00
* Plus one-time Site submission to over 1000 search engines and directories
* Free site updates anytime from Broker/manager submission. (Email me any text changes or outside link additions)
(Domain name registration $15.00 extra)

*Broker sites allow for unlimited content change furnished by the Broker. *Submit in word or text editor by E-mail for us to add.
*Initial site submission to major search engines and directories.
*Depending on Local MLS-classifications such as Commercial/Income property can only be accessed via a nightly download. This setup averages approximately $200.00 extra ( A folder is a setup on the server and a program is written to extract it to the specific companies pages.
*Flash can be included (requires a price quote) but is not recommended due to older browsers and slow download times from customers without DSL or Cable hookups.

Brokers who want to Edit their own sites: This requires a Database conversion.
Database site Explanation
*Brokers/agents can go Online from any computer and access their website through a Control Panel That allows them to edit the pages on their site through a simple-easy to use drop-down menu. When they are on the page there is a menu up top similar to word. Agents can then type in/edit-erase or paste in content and add links.
Other Options
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A general inquiry, Suggestions, feedback

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